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How to win in the long run.

Football betting should always be guided by the following basic principles: Constraint on one’s budget and proper management of funds.

Every “player’s” goal should not be, the occasional random winnings but a steady profit in the long run. If at the end of every week or month you manage to have a positive winnings VS amount wagered corellation, then the primary goal has been succeeded. 

Always wager amounts that your wallet can handle!  When you win big, do not change your betting strategy. Stay committed to your betting strategy no matter the winnings, good or bad streaks. 

We advise all player’s that receive our tips and follow them to bet as following: Kindly note that the following amounts constitute an example and aim to depict the monetary strategy that BETinTIPS propose.

Total betting amount : 100 Units

”Single Bet” betting amount : 40 units
”2 Bet Comco” betting amount : 40 units
”Yankee Bet” betting amount : 20 units

By the following the above mentioned strategy, when the Single Bet (with an odd close to 2,00) is succesful then you get back 80 units, thus nearly covering your daily bet.

When the 2 Bet Combo (with an odd close to 3,00) is successful then you win back 120 units, thus creating a profit even if the Single Bet falls shorts.

In the case of the Yankee bet with a combined odd of around 40,00 when 2 results come through then you win back approximately 20 units which is the cost of this particular bet. When 3 results come through then you multiply your winnings by 5, while at the same time, if all 4 results come through then your winnings skyrocket and your original investment is multiplied by 22!! 

By following this strategy, your odds of having a positive wagering amount VS winnings corelation in the long run (week/month/season) multiply in a geometrical sequence!

Always remember that the fundamental rule of having a successful betting strategy is staying consistent in the way and amounts that you bet!